Which floor tile adhesive

We're tiling our kitchen and hall as one and there's a bit of a
mixture of floor covering to tile upon.
Kitchen is 90% ashpalt, 5% screed and 5% concrete (ie, the asphalt has
been patched in a corner with screed and concrete) all on top of york
flag stones(solid floor over a cellar). And the hall is wood flooring.
Went round b&q and there's so much adhesive to choose from, adhesive
for concrete, adhesive for wood etc etc. Anyone recommend an adhesive
that will do for me?
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Stick to BAL products. Single Part Flixible and CTF3 do all my requirements. Website is full of useful information. Link
formatting link

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In article , "Neil" writes:
I've used BAL for all the tiling I've done, and it's worked very well. Not tried anything else though. I never use readymixed or quick setting either.
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Andrew Gabriel

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