Water seepage

Hi there,
I live in the basement flat of a Victorian house conversion. The whole
flat, with the exception of the bathroom, is covered with Carndean
flooring strips over what I assume is a concrete floor.
Lately, I've noticed that a small amount of water is seeping up the
gap between the strips in the spare bedroom. This part of the floor is
a corner, adjacent to an outside wall and the wall of the bathroom.
That corner in the bathroom is where the head of the bath and shower
My first guess was that the water is caused by a leaky seal around the
bath, so I have redone this. The other options are (I guess) water
from the outside wall or from ground water, but since the house is on
the top of a hill, I assume this is less likely.
Does anybody have any advice on how to tackle this problem? Should I
call in some kind of expert to look at my exterior wall or to check
for damp elsewhere? Should I hire a dehumidifier (or some other tool)
to tackle the existing water? Now that I've resealed the bath, how
long will I need to wait to see whether this solution has been
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Add some food die to the areas suspected as causing the leak and see where it appears
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