Water out

Pressure gauges here reading zero. Luckily the village FB closed group
informs us that no one has water, there's a burst main in Chartham.
Since this is a megaflow with everything at mains pressure, will I have
problems later if any water at all is run off the system?
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Tim Streater
You will only be able to draw off a few litres... basically as much as you have pressure stored in the expansion vessel. After that, there will be nothing to push the water out of the cylinder.
No harm will come to the system by using it however. Once mains is back a small amount will flow back into the pressure vessel.
Might be worth checking the input strainer a couple of days later in case any crud comes through the pipes. You can probably flush most of that out of the cold before you run the hot though.
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John Rumm
Can?t see why but I?d make sure to run the cold taps well before attempting to run any hot water (once the supply is restored) to avoid crude from the mains repair getting into your hot tank.
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In article , John
Ah, of course, I wondered where the residual pressure was coming from.
With any luck we won't get it, the break was five miles away and 400ft down hill.
They must have fixed as we are back at 2.4Bar (normally 3).
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Tim Streater
not too much. Lots of air may get trapped.\so cough and plutter as it clears
If the tank is sited high you can get flow downstairs by opening upstairs taps
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The Natural Philosopher
As my dad once observed with brake parts ... once you make one bit of teh system stronger, the next weakest bit goes. Hence the recommendation to replace *all* cylinders when one leaked (on shoe-type brakes).
We looked forward to the customers who ignored it, and paid 5 sets of labour to replace one cylinder, then the next ... up to the master cylinder.
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