washing machines (was: Hair dryers, smartphones and kettles on EU Hit List)

On 2014-08-30, Capitol wrote:

Yes, there was some stuff in _Which?_ to that effect in the past year or so. (I think I was involved in a discussion here about it.) They also found that most "60°C" programmes don't actually hit 60°C & few of the ones that hit it actually hold it for any significant time.
OTOH, I was in the USA this summer & discussing plumbing & heating with a friend there. He told me that when he & his partner moved into their current house, they found that the hot water heater had been set at some abnormally high temperature because the previous occupants had been nurse who needed to wash scrubs in very hot water.
Those who complain about cold-feed-only washing machines may find it interesting that American washing machines still have hot & cold feeds --- but there are only 3 wash temperatures to choose from: "hot" (straight out of the hot tap), "cold" (straight out of the cold tap), & "warm" (some of each).
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