Wall mounted oil fired condensing combi boiler Grandee

Hi All
I am looking for feedback from people who use, have had experience of
using, installing, maintaining etc Grandee oilfired wall mounted
condensing combi boilers. I am thinking of installing one in an annex
but I have doubts over this type of boiler due to a less than posiive
attitude from the a boiler installation man I am looking to use. I
would like to see if it is just him and his minimal poor experience or
is it a more general issue of reliability and difficulty of
installation and maintenance.
Any comments would be gratefully recieved
PS. Is there an alternative?
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Don't know about the Grandee, we have a wallstar by HRC. It is a through the wall design, and it projects into the house about 12", but all the grubby bits are outside. We have been very pleased with it (it was here when we moved in about 7 years ago). We've had it serviced a little less than annualy, and it's never broken down.
Ours is neither condensing or combi (wouldn't want another combi) but I think they certainly do condensing and may do combi's these days.
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Hi, I'm also considering this boiler. Did you find any more information regarding it? Did you go ahead and install it?
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Paul Newman
I am a heating & plumbing engineer, with over twenty years experience of working with gas, and oil heating appliances! I recently fitted a Grandee wall mounted condensing boiler, and I have had at least seven call backs since the summer! It is very difficult to set up on the combustion side, every thing was done by the book, and it keeps building up soot deposits around the burner resulting in a lock out situation, as the photocell gets blocked! The problem is made worse by the burner looking up vertically! This is not a good design, even in a well commissioned boiler you will still get combustion chamber debris falling down on to the burner! It seems very efficient on oil, but too sensitive, and unreliable for my liking! Hence I will be fitting Trianco, Grants from now on!
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simon burch

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