Updating shower installation - what's it called ?

HI All
One of the 'New Year Resolution' jobs is to make the downstairs shower
installation a bit more useful.
Currently it's an electric shower (no real problem with that) in a
shower area that's the full width of the shower room / cloakroom /
toilet - must be about 7ft ...
The walls are tiled up to about 7ft, and a tiled 'dam' (can't think of
a better word!) formed across the room contains the water, in
conjunction with a 'norrible plastic shower curtain. The floor of the
shower is also tiled, and (supposedly) drains down to a built-in
drain, which doesn't seem to have a trap, so smells and a brisk
Easterly draught tend to come back up it. The slope on the floor is a
bit approximate - so drainage is poor....
All-in-all - a bit of a disaster...
What we'd like is a half-width shower with a possibly oblong 'plastic'
shower tray (need to do some precise measuring!) and a tiled, possibly
timber stud and aquapanel (?) divider. We'd then need some sort of a
glass door to enclose the whole thing....
...which brings me to my question (at last !)
Is there such a thing as a sliding or hinged glass door that can be
had independantly of a complete cubicle - and what are they known as ?
The further 'back' the door retracts, the better, as an additional use
for the shower is washing muddy dogs, and you need to be able to get
your shoulders into the space occupied by the door in order to do this
We'll probably end up having to go to local suppliers (we're way out
in the wilds of West Cork, Ireland) - but any suggestions, BTDT's,
or 'names' for the glass door effort would be appreciated...
Many thanks
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================================== One name is 'alcove door' - in different manifestations - sliding, folding, swinging.
Coram make nice shower trays and show the different layouts for 'alcove' etc.
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Sure - they 're called, er, shower doors! ;-)
(not reccommending the firm, it's just an example).
There are different types available as shown in the URL (hinged, pivot, sliding)
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