'Temporary' fix for skirting?

Our bathroom is tiled all the way to the floor which, of course, means
that some tiles have cracked. Rather than searching for a match (in
good nick but they must be over 40 years old), I was thinking of
skirting the room. The problem with this is that if I fix all the
skirting properly, it will prevent me from taking the bath panel off.
So, I was thinking of fixing most of the skirting with gripfill (a la
normal) and the crucial bits with something like silicone, which would
let me pull them off if and when I need to, without ripping all the
tiles behind them. Does anyone have either a) any clever suggestions
as alternatives or b) any suggestions of what sort of silicone-y gunk
would be best to use?
Many thanks and Happy Christmas!
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Can't the bath panel have a separate section of skirting (bit of skirt)? Silicone doesn't allow you to pull anything off anything IME
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Stuart Noble

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