Suitable base for granite chopping block, and how to stick it

The granite worktops were delivered today and the stone people very
kindly gave us the piece that had been cut out for the hob with its
edges polished as a chopping board. However, we need to stick
something to the base to stop it scratching the worktop - any
suggestions? It needs to be pretty hard-wearing I'd expect. Cork?
Rubber? And what sort of adhesive would be best? Gripfil?
NoMoreNails? Cascamite (not really)?
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These sort of things will do ...
Usually sold in pound shops. The black pads at 125 for, well, a pound.
B&Q have the felt pads but not at pound shop prices.
If the surface under the granite is dusty or left rough sawn a coating of UHU glue allowed to get almost dry, just where the pads stick will give the self adhesive glue a better chance.
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Derek Geldard
Wouldn't some form of rubber pad or foot be better? I assume you will be washing it and there is a high chance the felt will get wet.
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Andrew May

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