Repairing a chipped resin shower tray

I have a small chip in my shower tray, it is white and I think resin.
The size of the chip is 1 cm X 3.5 mm. Any ideas welcome.
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Well, if no-one else is going to suggest anything, it depends on whether you want to hide it as much as possible. I guess you mean 3.5 mm deep and around 1 cm wide? Is it on a horizontal surface? Araldite or similar should stick provided the surface is reasonably clean. If it's a horizontal surface you can warm with a hot air gun or even a hair dryer after applying, this will make it flow and self-level just before setting (have a practice first). Plain epoxy will set brown and translucent, but you can often fake stone / ceramic by filling with a suitable white or coloured powder, polyfilla or similar will do. The more filler you use, the better it will look, but the weaker it will be, also it won't self-level but it will be easier to sand. If it's a potential leak path you need to seal it well; if not, then strength doesn't matter so much.
You could try the Colourfill resins used for joining and repairing kitchen worktops.
Car body filler will probably also stick OK and can be easily sanded after it sets, but it's usually grey.
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This lot do a whole range of specialist resins in small amounts. Alas they still don't seem to have a website.
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Stuart Noble

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