Square plastic tube inserts - supplier of small quantities ?

Hi all
I'm looking for a small quantity of these
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maybe 10 of 2 sizes - (to fit 15mm id and 20mm id square section
It's for the framework of my new market stall - which has a very
'posh' fitted cover (courtesy of the local sailmaker) - over a
're-engineered' box steel framework.
What I want to avoid is the ends of the box steel framework catching /
wearing on the fitted cover & making holes - these things (in the
link) seem to be the right part for the job.
Trouble is, a quick Google shows many people who would love to sell me
500 of the things - but nobody (so far) that's interested in 10's....
So - anybody seen these in 'retail quantities' anywhere - ideally on
the web ?
Alternatively, any creative suggestions for achieving the same effect
by another means ?
Thanks in advance
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================================== This place sells by the 'handful' if you can find one of their local outlets:
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might be able to use a few squash balls or even tennis balls but it might be better to get your sailmaker to sew in strategically placed leather patches.
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Have I missed something but Sti223 20mm x 20mm 0.8 - 3.0mm Black are available in quantities of 10+, albeit at £1 each, but if you want 10000+ they are only 2p!
Coincidently I had a sample from them a couple of weeks ago of a rubber ferrule and found them very helpful but then I do intend ordering about 500.
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Peter Andrews
Hi Cic
On Sat, 29 Dec 2007 21:45:19 GMT, Cicero wrote:
Maybe I'll drop them an email - thanks !
Wish I'd thought of that when he was doing the sewing
The nature of the thing is that the cover will need to be pulled over the frame - so it's probably best to cover any 'pointy bits' of the frame.....
Outdoor markets don't start again until Easter - so maybe I need to put the stall up one day soon when there's not a gale blowing and see where the potential hot-spots might be...
Thanks Adrian
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HI Peter
Thanks for the reply - I'd somehow missed that (doh!)
Actually - trying to place an order for ten of the inserts with them I end up with ten inserts at UK Pounds 1 each..... followed by p&p of 26.45 UK Pounds ! and then VAT - bringing the total per insert to 4.28 UK Pounds !
Phew ! - that's a bit on the 'steep' side For that price I can hand-carve some wooden bungs !
Yes - I thought about being cheeky and asking for samples - but I'd really need ten or so - which is pushing my luck a bit
Many thanks Adrian
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In the past I've found Components Direct useful for this sort of thing. Small quantities can be requested as samples and I see they now do packs of 50 on the website:
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Andy Wade
HI Andy
Unfortunately, they (Components Direct) don't supply outside the UK, and their sister company JetPress doesn't seem to have a presence in Ireland - where we are
I'll drop CD an email though and see if there's any way they can supply me....
Nice range of 'widgets' though ! - and reasonable (UK) postage costs. Thanks Adrian
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On Sat, 29 Dec 2007 17:30:26 +0000, Adrian wrote:
Towsure had some in their Southampton branch back in the summer. They have a web site at
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so you will be able to find if there is one near you.
What you want they have as end blanking caps in their trailer chassis section.
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A camping shop is not the first place one would look for useful items away from tents etc but I have found they stock some useful bits.
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Many thanks - not quite the right size but could (probably) be made to fit.......
...just need to see about their delivery to Ireland - I'll email them..
I'm sure I dealt with them many years ago when converting a caravan chassis into a trailer - very helpful, if a litle on the slow side with deliveries...
Thanks again Adrian
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Try these people
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they use the ends for sealing aerial tubes.
They list 15mm tube. Not sure if they could help with 20mm.
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Barry Smith

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