Some help with an Ariston EuroCombi not reaching pressure

Hi - Hopefully someone can give me some tips or guidance with this one.
Basical have a 10 year old Ariston EuroCombi boiler and all was working fine
until I took two rads of the wall to decorate.
The rads valves were closed off and no leaks occured during the two days
they were off. the heating worked normally.
Put the rads back on, filled them and bleed the whole system to ne sure.
Later taht day heating stopped working and the system pressure was down to
zero. Topped it up back to 1.5 bar as per aristons manual. Within about 20 -
30 mins the pressure was back to zero.
First thing I did was check the two removed rads for leaks. All dry.
Next I suspected the expansion vessel. I had had this loose pressure a few
years ago. An yes it was down to 5psi - should be about 15psi - 1 bar.
So today re-pressurised the expansion vessel with the system drained. And it
seemed a bit better but still would not rise above 1.5 bar system pressure
when running hot. Normally the system runs at 2.5 bar hot.
So today went out and got a new expansion vessl, fitted it and no
the system will just hold the 1.5 bar fill pressure, but does not rise upto
the normal 2.5 bar.
I guess I will have to leave it to go cold overnight to see what it really
does fall to, but before I call in a Corgi guy and have to pay top dollar is
therea nything else I can test / check?
thanks for reading
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