Smelly Henry

We have a Henry Xtra (the guy who comes with the red 'airo' brush for
optimum pet hair removal). Unfortunately every time we use it the room
is filled with the distinct and unmistakable aroma of dog crap (or maybe
it's Henry pooh?).
Although we do have a dog, nobody in the family admits to ever having
hoovered up a turd, and we've changed the collection bag anyway; however
the smell persists. When the machine's switched off, no niffs can be
detected anywhere which is a bit odd. Henry has a big circular fabric
filter which sits on the drum below the motor; are there any others
inside which might be causing this? ie, is there anything else which
could potentially trap the aroma other than this big filter? Just that
it doesn't seem to smell at all, and they seem pretty expensive to
replace if it won't sort the problem out.
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Nobody would admit to it would they :-)
AFAIK the only other filter is either a motor protection filter or less likely an exhaust air filter. The bag & fabric filter should have stopped any turd particles.
I'd suggest switching on & sucking up some sprayed Febreese or similar. Or chuck one of those vac air fresheners in the tub.
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The Medway Handyman
Submerse the hose in a bath of hot soapy water (Maybe after you have had a bath) and clear the inside of the convolutions of the hose. The head will need careful disassembly to "cure" the trapped hairs or whatever else is inside. The motors sometimes retain some debris inside the fan at the base of the motor. Only way to get to it is to remove the motor cover and actually (carefully) dig out the crap from the vanes.
Other than that a good scrub of the motor pre-filter (The circular one you mentioned) might be the only cure other than replacement of it.
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In message , RW wrote
First, remove the motor assembly from the collection tub/filter/hose and switch on. This will establish from which half of your Henry the smell is coming.
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I could never get rid of the sheep dog smell from our Henry. It kept reminding us of the old boy years after he turned his toes up. Never thought to clean the hose though. Maybe the offending substance is slightly greasy, like lanolin from a sheep, and sticks to the plastic.
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Stuart Noble
Ive just had a thought. No niffs when the machine is off? Smell when used?
Could it be that the smell is coming from the carpet? Henry is just warming it up & blowing it around?
Does the smell occur in every room or only one? Does it smell when swithced on outsdie for example?
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The Medway Handyman
I recently loaned my Henry to the next door neighbour when her vacuum went belly up. They smoke and when I switched it on a few days later to use it, I was nearly gassed with the ruddy smell. My Henry now contains 3 Neutradol vac sacks... That helps
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