Shower inlet pipe size?

Following on from the shower repair query earlier this week, the shower
mixer was very corroded, and almost fell apart when I pried it open, so
I've had to fit a new one.
To get the shower back working I've had to do a bit of a bodge job, but
will rectify it later this week.
The existing mixer had its unions on full show.
The new one is a flush fit to the wall, so has been left for the
meantime around an inch out from the wall, until I have time to take out
a tile or 2 to get access to the rear panel, and cut back the feed
The new one is the same as this here:
What I'd like to know is what size are the unions that screw into the
mixer body?
In the ebay pic, the dog leg connector is the joint in question, the
larger end screws into the mixer body, and the smaller is a normal 15mm
compression thread, which is currently attached to the feed pipes.
It may be simpler to run the feed pipes directly into the body, so I'll
buy a few fittings this week to cover all angles.
Would the larger be a 22mm thread, or is it lileky to be an imperial
And are there any flexible fittings to make this job a doddle?
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On mine the larger (shower) end is 3/4" BSP and the smaller end is 1/2" BSP.
Though 15mm compression is usually 1/2" BSP, 22mm is NOT 3/4" BSP.
There are purpose made shower wall plate connectors available from Screwfix etc.
I'd even consider soldering a 1/2" BSP ring (threaded tube) and 1/2" to 3/4" BSP bush to something else to get the fitting I wanted.
BES (google) do a range of fittings, the unusual ones are expensive, hence considering the above bodge ;)
A tube of Fernox LS-X leak sealer is also a good thing to have.
cheers, Pete.
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Pete C
On Sat, 24 Nov 2007 20:20:11 +0000 someone who may be this:-
You didn't say what size these are, or how much access you have behind the shower. If the existing pipes are 15mm then
formatting link
be very useful.
If they are 22mm and you have access then
formatting link
be very useful.
I would avoid the fittings which come with most showers if at all possible. These introduce another joint which seals on the threads out of sight and out of mind behind the tiling. One of these on each pipe is more than enough.
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David Hansen
The feed pipes are both 15mm.
So the thread into the mixer is likely to be 3/4 bsp? If so, then if I can get hold of a 15mm compression to 3/4bsp male connector, then that would be the ideal solution - just cut back the existing pipe by an inch or so, thread the 3/4 end into the mixer, and then tighten up the 15mm compression joint. No need for the supplied dog-leg connector then. Though I'm sure I'm missing something here. Alan.
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