Router bit life

As a router novice, I am about to make a number of cuts in standard
600mm wide, 40mm deep kitchen worktops, using a new Trend T11 router
and new Trend router bit. Can anyone give a rough idea of the number
cuts I can make before the bit needs replacing/re-sharpening?
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It does rather depend on bit type and the material you are cutting - chipboard, MDF, hardwood, Corian,....
However, the important thing is to take light passes.
If you are cutting downwards then no more than about 8mm at a time, making sure that the material is being cleared away by means of the dust extraction and feeding at a rate fast enough that the material doesn't burn but not so fast that the router slows down too much and labours.
For trimming of edges with a long bit at full depth, 3-5mm at a time is about right.
It's a good idea to practice on some scrap material/edges first to get the feel of it.
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Andy Hall
Cutting through the two meeting edges of a kitchen worktop requires a new bit for each corner, maybe you can get two corners done but don't count on it. The reason is that you are after secret or very close joints joints.
They are not usually sharpened afterwards but tend to get thrown away. What you might do is cut the angles first with an old bit, then go through them with the new cutter to clean them and get the fine finish usually required.
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Cut the worktop with a circular saw first as near to the marked line as possible ie about 2mm from it and then you will only need to do about 3 or 4 passes with the router. Alternatively as mentioned buy cheap bits and change the bit/s for the trend bit on the last cut.
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Even pricey bits won't do much worktop before blunting - it's really nasty abrasive stuff. You should get more than one cut though, say 10 meters or so before they begin to blunt and the laminate starts to chip out. That's why long straight buts are often sold in multi-packs for kitchen fitters, and why KWO and others do disposable tip cutters like these:
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