Replacing/renewing French windows - advice needed

Our French windows need replacing or renewing. Here they are:
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want to keep them looking exactly as they are, and we don't like
white UPVC. My wife wants to keep them in wood or painted wood, I say
that there are some good paintable UPVC finishes available these days.
What does the panel think? What are our options in UPVC or wood? How
much is it likely to cost?
Can anyone recommend a window supplier in Bristol?
Many thanks!
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Ok. wood is nice, and no problem with that..however your glazing bars are a shade narrow to cover individual DG panel seals. You may have to use one panel with stick on glazing bars.
The rest of the door is simply a local joinery job. Yellow pages is your friend. Talk to local joiners..they will be able to make one up.
My guess is someq where from 450 quid upwards..but its a guess.
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