Repairing peg tile roofs

Hi, my kent red peg tile roof has lost a few tiles in places where
they have cracked off or fallen out completely. How feasible is it to
have single tiles replaced and is it a DIY job? They were broken by
the SKY man btw and I didnt notice for a while :-( Many Thanks.
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Unfortunately, v unlikely to happen as I cant prove it as it was a while ago. I am guessing it was them due to the position of his ladder and the broken tiles. Thnaks.
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Its very possible.
You lift the tile above and slide the new one under it, latching on the battens.
Nailing is not necessary. Its generally about every third tile anyway..` few more unnailed ones don't matter.
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The Natural Philosopher
You do not have to prove it You need only provide evidence on a balance of probablity Go to the small claims court
The pleading should be along the lines
It was ok for x years then came along the Skyman the damages is exactly in the same location no damage elsewhere in x years only noticed after water had chance to penetrate
Sky are most unlikely to defend it if (and only if ) you are sure it was him and there are no other mudlling opportunities for other explanations
Go for it - they caused it - they can pay! Stand up for your rights Chris
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