Renewing Rads

I'm getting my CORGI mate to install a new boiler after Xmas. He suggested
that to save a few quid I could drain the system & add a cleaner, then drain
& remove the rads & flush them out with a hose.
It occurs to me that if I going to do that I might just as well change all
the rads anyway. We have 5 double 1300 x 600 & 3 single 600 x 600 rads
which must be 30 years old.
Looking at the Screwfix book I could replace the lot for under £400 inc
Are the Screwfix rads OK?
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The Medway Handyman
I fitted one a few weeks ago, 600x600 iirc at £14.99. Looked fine to me. My local plumbers merchants couldnt even get near that price, they said they had to pay £20 for the same size, and retail it at £28+vat.
I'll be getting one of the towel radiators from them soon too - I havent found them any cheaper locally. Alan.
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I have only once ordered a radiator from screwfix, unfortunatly it was damaged on arrival, as was its replacement. It was a Baisi radiator which i eventually sourced from B &Q for =A35 less than at screwfix. Screwfix were very good about replacing the damaged radiators, I actually think it was the carrier that was damaging them. It may be worth waiting until B&Q have a sale, I believe our local store recently had 20%off all radiators. The Baisi radiators appear well made and have covers on the top and sides. I may be wrong but I believe they are also British made
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I've also heard of damage in transit to Screwfix rads. It may be worth arranging to collect them from one of their trade counters. At least you can inspect them before collecting them - I presume they stock rads?
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Bob Minchin
================================== Even if you replace the radiators it would still be worth giving the system a thorough preliminary clean with an aggressive cleaner to scour the pipework.
I'v had a couple of Screwfix radiators for a few years - they work well and look very solid.
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In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
The SF rads are fine as long as you don't want any that are more than 600 tall - 'cos that's the tallest they do.
If you *are* replacing them, it would be make sense to (re-)do the heat loss calculations and select an appropriate size of radiator for each room. They may turn out to be considerably smaller than the existing rads - both because the house is much better insulated than it was 30 years ago, and also because all the new rads will have fins whereas the old ones probably don't. Having said that, it's a good idea to make sure that the rads will still be ok if you fit a new (condensing) boiler with lower flow temperature - causing the output of each rad to be less than it would be at a higher temperature.
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Roger Mills
Probably not. The manager of our new Screwfix depot used to be the manager of our local Tesco Express so I know him on 'nodding' terms.
Apparently they manage to carry a huge range of items in a small unit by only stocking physically small items. Screws & plugs OK, rads & doors unlikely.
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The Medway Handyman
I have used them and they seem fine - same design as stelrad, and come with the side and top covers in the price.
I would only recommend ordering double panel ones though. The couriers are far too likely to bend up the decor panels on the single panel ones.
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John Rumm
That must depend on which trade counter you use. I ordered six standard rads, all different sizes but including a couple of monster double-panel ones, from Screwfix in Crawley last year and they were all in stock. The towel rail and 'designer' rad I wanted had to be ordered mail-order to get the discount they were offering - it was worth it though, they arrived OK and I got £70 off a £250 order.
Screwfix have always been very good at replacing damaged/missing/mis-ordered goods, whether mail order or collect.
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Yes. There are a whole raft of building materials which comply with BS, EN, BBA standards and their ilk. IMHO, such products can safely be bought on price as the minimum standard is defined. Of course you have to watch out for fraudulent claims of compliance but on products made in the EC that would be unlikely.
Of course the radiators are absolutely 'ordinary'.
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Ed Sirett
Dave I picked up a new rad from Screwfix in Gillingham yesterday and it was in stock, although the cheap trvs weren't. The finish of the rad seems fine, it certainly won't need painting.
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Tim Decker

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