Removing laminate flooring from under a wall

my son has just rang me, he is DIY'ing has first house.
Just started to remove laminate flooring only to find that a stud wall has
been built over the top of the laminate.
The laminate is 'long ways' under the wall.
What would be the best way to cut the laminate away along the wall?
Current thoughts are;
Stanley knife - probably a job for life
hand saw - any suggestions for a good saw to use bearing in mind proximity
of wall to knuckles
Some type of power tool?
An added complication is that the hallway door is at an angle on the same
wall, he would like to keep the laminate in the hall for the time being as
funds are tight.
I assume the same solution will be viable to cut in the doorway.
Answers on a postcard.....
Thanks in advance
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In article , Kevin writes
2" chisel, go half way through in a couple of passes and it should snap from there, should leave a nice clean edge, 30min job.
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"Kevin" wrote in message
Whats going in its place? if carpet just lay it on top bearing in mind shavings will have to come off the bottom of the door.
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