removing floor tiles

Is there an easier way of doing this? At the moment I'm hammering away
at the edges and it's very slow hard work and I'm also chipping away
some of the concrete floor. Done two tiles in 5 minutes and it's a
rather big room. Anyone got any suggestions?
Everything else in this house falls apart as soon as you touch it.
Typical that this would be one of the few well built bits :-(
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If you can put up with the noise and dust of an SDS with chisel, that's probably quickest. If they don't lift with a 6" bolster and club hammer, it's probably your only option.
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Stuart Noble
Did this in my daughter's kitchen. The plumbers just stood and watched in wonder as the tiles they had spent a couple of hours chipping away at just lifted away. It would have been worth getting the drill and chisel just for that job alone.
Screwfix have a special DeWalt offer on at the moment (item 43520, £99.99), same drill as mine but with a cordless drill/driver thrown in for not a lot more than I paid.
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F wrote:
Thanks folks. I'm about halfway through now but will remember this advice for when it comes to the kitchen.....
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I bought a Challenge SDS drill as a one off to do a job some time ago (cheaper than hiring so wasn't bothered if it got knacked).
Anyway, due to the recent flooding we've had to have some major refurb done. The transformer the builders were using had packed in so I offered them the use of my SDS. After the usual builders reparte about cheap sh*te they gave it a go!
84 square meters of plaster removed, ten square meters of tiling & a hole drilled through a concrete & pebble wall using a 6" 'ronnie", plus various other odds and sods, the SDS is still going strong!
They were so impressed they actually bought it from me for the price I paid (£25) & said that they would get another couple from Argos.
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