Recommendations for brands of electric showers

I'm about to start refitting the bathroom and I want to put in a fancy
shower.. I already have an Electric shower in another room which is
great because there are 6 of us and as it just heats the cold from the
mains, there's no problem with running out of water.
So I'm going to fit an electric one, but I'd quite like a tower unit
(extra jets etc).. anyone fitted an electric one of these.
The main reason for posting, however, is my ignorance of brands.
Prices seem to vary considerably (or even alarmingly). Are there some
'safe' brands for showers and cubicles - I'd rather have a Audi than a
Citroen if you see what I mean. I've never bought a bathroom before.
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You may well not run out of water, but you will almost certainly run out of electricity if you run two electric showers at the same time...
As I understand your situation, you already have an electric instantaneous shower in one bathroom/shower room and you are contemplating another/additional instantaneous electric shower in a different bathroom. You will find that your electricity supply is almost certeinly not big enough to run both showers simultaneously and it will not be cost effective to have a bigger supply installed.
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Dave Osborne
That's worth checking, you're right. I'm having the sparky come round to quote for the work so will ask the question. In time, one shower is replacing the other - but there will be an overlap.
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