"Reclassification" of artex for asbestos removal ???

I would like to check this.
I have been told by a builder that Artex has been "reclassified" in
some way so that removal no longer requires specialist skills,
equipment and resulting cost. He has said that the level of asbestos
in Artex is so low that it can be removed (with effort) by a DIYer
wearing a dust mask and disposed of at the local tip.
Is this correct?
If yes, this will save me thousands (hooray!)
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Google is your friend.
In terms of Artex, this site
formatting link
states that:
The Control of Asbestos Regulations came into effect on the 13th November 2006. As a result the removal of Artex will now, in the majority of cases, be a non-licensable activity.
And this website
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Removing asbestos from your home If you do choose to remove the non-licensable asbestos materials yourself it will help if you take the following precautions:
a.. wear a dust mask approved for asbestos; b.. wear a disposable overall c.. keep other people away from the working area; d.. wet the material well with water containing a little washing up liquid; check that there is no potential for contact with electricity first; e.. always remove whole sheets or components; do not break them up f.. place any loose or small items in strong plastic labelled bags and seal; g.. clean up all dust with a damp cloth and then seal it in a plastic bag whilst damp; h.. do not use a domestic vacuum cleaner as dust may pass through the filter. If you have removed asbestos from your home yourself, it will need to be disposed of separately from your normal household waste. You may be able to arrange to have it collected or there may be special facilities in your area you can use to dispose of hazardous waste. Contact your local council for further details.
The following link will let you enter details of where you live and then take you to your local authority website where you can find out more about removing asbestos.
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Piers Finlayson
In article , clive snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com says...
Even if you can - it's a horrid job. I'd be tempted to take the ceiling down and put up new plasterboard. By the time you've finished you'll wish you had.
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I took some sheets of asbestos to a council facility for disposal , the helpful man in the little shed pointed out the lidded skip and in the corner and then added " they look a bit too big to fit in " (the sheets) " you might need to smash em up to fit em in mate " I was gobsmacked !
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