Re: What does the acronym "EDTN" stand for in terms of textphones?

> "Green Xenon [Radium]" wrote
> >
> >> What does the acronym EDTN stand for in terms of textphones?
> >>
> >> I know that in relation to textphones, EDTN does *not* stand for: > >>
> >> 1. Electronics Design, Technology and News Network
> >>
> >> 2. Electronics Design Technology Network
> >>
> >> 3. European Deaf Telephone Network
> > Apart from the problem that it's come from a complete fruitcake who's
> > spammed this question all over the internet, it was actually an
> > interesting one to look up. Best I can come up with is EDTN is actually
> > EDT-Norm, and EDT is European Deaf Telephone - which seems eminently
> > plausible for a textphone.
> How did you find EDT-Norm? What is EDT-Norm?
He used his IMAGINATION in an attempt to rationalise the concept you UTTER
Something it seems you don't have one of.
THERE IS NO "EDTN". There is an "EDT" but not an "EDTN". Somone once typed it
and you're fixating over an non-existent entity.
Any more of this nonsense and your ISP will be getting a serious complaint.
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Someone once typed it????
Quotes from
formatting link
"Baudot, CCITT and EDTN codes"
Now what do you gotta say? You mean to tell me those involved in making a professional website like the above have a problem spelling or typing? I have a hard time believing that.
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Green Xenon [Radium]
So TWO people once typed "EDTN" ? And that's the sole reason for your inexcusable behaviour ?
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