re skimming ceilings

hi my property has sound but unattractive ceilings. they are all
generally sound (no cracks/stains) but are finished with a bobbly/
stipply effect. also there are some strips visible, like tape has been
removed or something, so there are flat lines about 2 inches thick
once or twice.
i'm just after some views on whether getting them re skimmed is worth
it. obviously it will look nicer having flat smooth ceilings but is it
worth the cost now. or better to wait til they actually need doing?
i have read sarah beeny's property ladder book and got some tips but
she doesn't mention ceilings, only getting walls re skimmed if you
want a modern contempary result.
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The tape is jointing and the artex is obviously on too thin or it would have hidden it.
You can flatten the artex with a steamer and some sort of rolling pin.
I'd palster over it though as it may contain asbestos if it is old stuff. And I'd do it PDQ too. Get a squity bottle an empty kitchen cleaner or some such spray and fill it with PVA white glue and water mixed.
Spray the ceiling and it should be sound enough to leave for a week or so while you get organised.
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In article , The Natural Philosopher writes
Can I just add to those questions what do you do about painting textured ceilings? My son's house has the stippled 'icing' type effect. Once he's married in April they intend to buy another house so just to clean it all up what kind of preparation do we do before painting? It's going to be a really awful job trying to clean the ceilings with sugar soap etc unless I use an upside down brush. Can I just paint over it with say gloss and then ordinary paint (thinking of the kitchen ceilings here) or would that be a DIY nightmare?
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Janet Tweedy
In article , The Natural Philosopher writes
Thank goodness for that, I was told that you needed to put gloss on first if the ceiling was in the kitchen and so might have grease on it.
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Janet Tweedy

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