Raising shower header tank

My shower header tank is only some four feet above the shower head.
If I raise the header tank by one foot would the increase in pressure
be noticeable? This is about the maximum I could achieve. What would
the increase be in bar (or whatever)?
Would it be worth the effort?
Unfortunately a pump is not a practicable alternative.
T I A .
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Tom B
if you raise it 1 metre then the static pressure will go up by about 0.1 Bar.
p=pressure (Pa), rho=density of water (1000 kg/ m3) ,g=gravitiationacceleration (9.81 m/s/s), h=height (1m)
1 Bar = 100,000 Pa
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1 bar is approx 30' of water, so an extra foot will add 1/30th of a bar.
Depends on how you look at it. In absolute terms is is not much different - hold the shower head 1 foot lower to experience the improvement you would get. Alternatively you could say it is a 25% improvement.
Have you got mains cold water available? If so you could look at a venturi shower. This uses the cold water pressure to "pump" the hot, thereby increasing the overall pressure and balancing the differential between them.
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John Rumm

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