Quickest/cheapest way to make weighted post ?

Sadly the budget just won't stretch to the proper repair of our sorry
fence posts and there are 2 sagging now after the last winds.
I'm thinking that to keep things as best I can, if I could rig something
like a bucket filled with cement and an upright post (buckets and wood I
have) and place it next to the bendy post and attach the two together,
I'd have a bit of a reprieve ?
I know you can get specialist brackets for banging into the ground but
they are quite pricey.
As a temporary/emergency fix, what's peoples thoughts ? And what's the
best thing for a weight ? Fill the bucket with postcrete and post in the
garage, let it dry and move it into place ?
I know if I have postcrete then digging a hole for a new post would be
the better way, but that means removing fence panels which is going to
trigger replacing the whole fence.
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How are the current posts fixed in the ground. How deep are they?
If you physically pull them upright, can you pour concrete into the void so created?
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So how will what you suggest help then? It would seem daft to leave it bent over as the panels under the twisting strain disassemble themselves quite quickly. Brian
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Brian Gaff (Sofa
In message <rnrekn$t1o$ snipped-for-privacy@dont-email.me, Jethro_uk <jethro snipped-for-privacy@hotmailbin.com writes
Buttress? Mitre a timber strut. Secure the top to your wobbly post and bury the bottom in your buried bucket of postcrete?
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Tim Lamb
Guy ropes?
Or angle iron, cut to a point and hammered in alongside? I have done this, it worked well but it was in clay soil.
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Clive Arthur
Agree with both of those, also Tim's buttress. Instead of angle iron, Dexion has slots and holes ready cut for fixing screws.
If the existing posts are *not* concreted in and if the ground is suitable then a metpost right next to the post, and a shorter length of post in that, coach screwed to the existing post is another relatively cheap and easy fix (if there are not too many dodgy posts).
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Guy ropes from the top of the post(s) was my initial thought, followed by diagonal brace(s).
Brace from a bit of 1 1/2" square at about 45 degrees, driven in a couple of feet, and coach bolted through the post about half way up once the post has been pushed back vertical. If the brace can't be driven in that couple of feet it might be worth adding another from the base of the post to the mid point of the brace firm up the triangle.
A post with a bucket of postcrete on one end will just wobble about and not really do much. Posts that don't wobble don't wobble because they have a good 1/3 of their overall length in the ground not because they are surrounded in postcrete.
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Dave Liquorice

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