Portland cement

That entirely depends on local hunmidity.
I had a bag I got this summer for some odd jobs. Left outside in the old landrover.
The outside and top had caked, but inside it was still powdery. It set Ok when I had to put in two half bricks to tidy up some decorative brickwork.
If you seal it against moisture,. it lasts forever. If it gets rained on, its a solid lump the next day ;-)
If its still powdery, its OK.
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The Natural Philosopher
Hah! yes sorry forgot to mention the bag has been kept inside with a relatively good warmish condition.
Just checked, it has gone a bit hard on top.
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From my experience if it's still powdery (like new cement) then it works fine. ..but I maybe wouldnt' use it on something critical if it's a mix of powder and clumps.
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But powder and clumps is fine for rough concrete, especially if you have a mixer and mill it a bit with dry aggregate
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