Plastic Pipe

I see Screw fix sell two types of plastic pipe: PE-X and polybutylene.
Is there any difference between the two or do I just use
whichever is the cheapest or available? 22mm is only available in
polybut. in SF as far as I could see - yes, I know I should go to a
proper plumbers merchant ;)
If I use pipe inserts do I use the same compression and/or push fit
fittings as for copper pipe? I presume soldering isn't possible ;)
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So I take it that Pb is preferable because it's more flexible?
Sorry if this is a silly question: what is barrier/non-barrier pipe?
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Why don't you take a look at the John Guest - Speedfit site. You will find answers to these questions and many more.
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I have just had a read of the site but I'm not sure it's helped me. They list PEX and Pb pipe and say that both are flexible. I'm not sure whether there is an advantage to using one rather than the other; if the site says so, I'm afraid I missed it.
Both types seemed to have a barrier "to keep the atmosphere out". I would have thought if the atmosphere could get in, the water could get out!? So I'm still unsure about the barrier too.
But there was lots of other useful info about connecting pipe, operating temperatures, etc.
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Yes it's easier to work with.
Barrier prevents air (and critically, oxygen) diffusing in to the water, which is better for central heating systems but makes no difference for hot & cold water supply systems.
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