Plasterboard and studding wall

I`m building a small wall approx 1500mm wide and 300mm deep in my lounge and intend it to be a feature on which to hang a large picture.
My intention is to use wood studding , with plasterboard fixed then a light skim of plaster finish .( note I do NOT want a drywall finish)
3 questions.
1...Can I use coated screws ( gold or silver) to fix the plasterboard to the studding or will they react with the plaster?
2..... Is there a slim ( neat ?) plastic edging for plasterboard corners as I intend a skimmed plaster finish.
I won`t be able to use taper edge plasterboard because I will require two edges at each corner( and the width is less than a sheet of 8 x 4 ) so I intend to use ordinary square edge12 mm (1/2" ) plasterboard sheet.
3...Any recommended easy-to-use plaster apart from Thistle Finish plaster?
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as I

Don't quite understand the questions! You are either going to skim it or you are not.
If you are going to skim, it doesn't really matter what sort of plasterboard you use and what sort of fixings you use and the edges woud be done with normal metal mesh corners to skim up to.
If you aren't going to skim it, you would be better usng plasterboard screws (usually/always black) as they have the right profile to dent and remain flush with the top surface rather than tearing through, as a wood screw might. You can get plastic edging but it always looks a bit naff (IMHO).
A skim finish is most easily achieved with finish plaster and, no, I'm not being funny, that's what they are designed for!
Bob Mannix
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