My Xmas tip...

Silly time to be doing it, but just about finished re-ferkling the
kitchen. New doors on the old but good home made base units and all new
appliances. Last job was fitting the new built in oven. It's not as tall
as the old one so built a new shelf for it to sit on. Get it in place with
a bit of a struggle and push it home - looking forward to cleaning
everything up and having a break. Although we're out for Xmas day.
So I push it home and it stops about 1" proud. It's only deeper than the
old one and fouling on the pipes behind. This is the main run from the
cellar to upstairs - hot and cold water, gas, and the heating flow and
return. So I measure things, and it's only fouling on the heating pipes
and cold water feed to the kitchen. Luckily, the heating pipes can be
moved enough just by rebating the battens the clips are attached to -
there's more than enough slack in the cellar. The mains cold water one
will need surgery, though. But at least it's the easy one to turn off. So
do that and cut into it. Disconnected the output from the stop cock in the
cellar to drain down fully. And re-jig it all with solder fittings. But
the horizontal run to the kitchen tap has still some water in it and
doesn't want to solder. And too tight for a compression fitting - if I had
one. Not easy to try and unclip the pipe to drain the water as it's all
behind the fitted base units. ;-(
So I had a cup of tea after a good curse.;-) Then had a brain wave - push
air through the pipe to dry it. I've got a HVLP spray set and the hose
connection is the same as the washing machine. Coupled it up and left it
running for about 15 minutes - the air from it is quite warm. After the
first minute or so, no more water drips come out of the pipe, but I leave
it on for a while. And sit down to listen to some of Nine Lessons and
Carols from Kings.
Did the trick. I'd guess if you have a vacuum cleaner which can blow this
would have worked as well - just gaffer tape the end on to a tap.
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Dave Plowman (News)
In article ,
Doubt that matters.
The real problem was that only the last inch or so of the pipe was accessible - the rest was boxed in. The air through the pipe was the easy cure - unless you don't have a way of doing this.
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Dave Plowman (News)
When I fitted my gas pipe I flushed it through with water, and did an initial test for leaks at the same time.
Before connecting to the gas I dried it using a normal "suck" vacuum cleaner, drawing hot air from a hairdryer down the pipe.
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Nigel Molesworth

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