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SUBJECT LINE: Residual Income Biz
Are you interested in looking at a side business that can generate a
very serious residual income? I'm launching something huge,
looking for leaders in your area, and I'd love to have you on the
I just began working with Randy Schroeder in a network marketing
business. Randy, if you don't know him, is a multi-million-dollar
producer with a long track record of helping people reach success in
the business.
I joined because it's my first chance to work direct with some of the
most successful people in the industry, including Randy. So now I'm on
his team and we're looking for people who want to capitalize on a
chance to get in early.
Randy has uncovered a little-known new company that meets ALL of the
criteria to be the next billion-dollar company in the industry. I plan
to lock up a legacy position and I'm looking for leaders in North
America and across the globe who want to work with me and lock in
their own spots. You could be one of these people.
Here are the factors that make this such a powerful opportunity right
#1) The company is just launching now!
We have a real window of opportunity to get ahead in the race,
before most people even know there is one. I want my people to own
North America, before the mass market even hears of the
company. To do that, we're looking for 100 leaders in 100
cities. We'll be training those leaders with a daily, weekly, and
monthly method of operation, showing them how to own their
local market and springboard from there.
#2) The company is backed by a strong venture capital partner.
You have the allure and tremendous rewards of getting in a startup,
but without the financial risks normally associated with that
situation. The funding company was started by one of the founders
of WordPerfect, who sold that company to Novell for over a billion
dollars. They've got serious money and they've made a commitment
to fund this to the top.
#3 The product story is revolutionary.
The products are based on an amazing scientific breakthrough that
creates an entire new product category, so the market potential is
beyond enormous. Yet it is a simple concept that makes so much
sense people "get" it right away. Everyone in the world would benefit
from the products and one use makes that clear to them.
#4 The compensation plan innovation.
The company is offering eight different ways to earn, with most of
them residual income. More importantly they have pioneered the
biggest innovation in compensation of the last 15-20 years, the
Leveraged Matching Bonus. If you know anything about how these
plans work, you're going to be extremely excited when you understand
this feature.
Because of the nature of the compensation plan, positioning and
timing are important. Right now I am looking for leaders who
understand the power of being in at launch and want to lock in a
legacy position. I believe you have what it takes to do something big
with this. We have about a two year window when legacy positions
will be created.
So do you want to hear about this?
Or are you too busy with your other stuff to look?
Please get back with me right away. Thanks,
David Hall
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