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Hi all
Where do the costs come from on these programs for kitchens?
OK so some characters go for the ridiculously expensive £30k fitments.
If you are a mear mortal though and will accept a decent quality but
run-of-the-mill type kitchen where do you go for a decent deal?
Many of Sarah's shows include people creating smart installs for £3-4k, make
that £6-7 to include white goods/electrics; and they all have people in to
do the fitting.
Any of the places I've been seem to start at £10k for apparently similar
Am I looking in the wrong place?
To be fair this is a bit OT cos I've just about run out of steam on the old
DIY lark and am considering "getting a man in".
Will it be significantly cheaper to arrange trades individually myself
(floor tiler, sparks, kitchen fitters etc)?
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most multi-skilled fitters that I know will fit any kitchen you like for just less than a grand, not a bad earner for four - five days work for one man (the untis are delivered already assembled) Look through the classifieds for builders and ask them, those who specialise in extensions may be your best bet as they've usually fitted hundreds.
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Phil L
Don't get the suppliers to do the fitting especially not for a "full package" from the likes of Moben, Dolphin etc. Become "trade" and get it from Howdens rather than MFI etc. Just make up a business name and contract yourself to do your own house ! Also, depends what you include. All units and plastering and tiled floor etc. I also suspect sometimes of these DIY progs, they get a little bit of "help", sponsorship etc. They often mysteriously manage to "find a bit more money" - the mind boggles ! Best tip - know what to buy cheap and what to pay for. Some expensive fittings makes an average job look top notch. Just a few thoughts. I will be doing my kitchen later this year (after I've built it !) Simon.
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5 years ago ours cost around £7000
formatting link
comprised approximatly:-
Ikea Units £2000 Granite tops £2000 Applicances £1500 Floor £1000 Plumbing / Electrics / Wall tiles £300 Sink/Taps £200 Fitting £0 = d-i-y - it is a diy group afterall
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Jonathan Pearson
Depending where you are, you may have access to Kitchen George.
Our kitchen was supplied by them - around £900 for the units. They deliver them pre-assembled, and you can normally get next day delivery. All very nice; better than the sheds for quality and far better for delivery.
Another £900 for the fitting and £200 for some plumbing work from an independant fitter.
'White goods' and sink came in around £500 - that is fridge, gas hob, electric oven, ss sink.
Ignoring the cost of new ceiling and plaster (which are not standard for a new kitchen.
We laid the laminate floor and I upgraded the electrics.
All in all around £3,000.
Some of the prices on the DIY shows seem very low and I have wondered what they are pricing in there.
Probably best to contract everything to one fitter, and let him sub-contract anything he doesn't do - usually electrics and sometimes tiling.
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David W.E. Roberts

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