Boiler failure - sods law

Sods law - the CH boiler has just failed when its blowing a gale
outside, freezing and Friday teatime!
It's an Ideal Concorder WRS 255A - I know it's very old and
inefficient but it has been working without any problems for donkeys
We noticed the rads were cold so assumed the pilot light had blown out
in the wind or somesuch. Tried to relight it. The pilot flame lights,
but will not stay lit however long I keep the gas control knob
pressed. Therefore I assume its probably the pilot light thermocouple
thats faulty. Would this be correct? Any simple tests I can do to
confirm? I'm guessing its a simple job to replace (assuming I can get
a new one at weekend) but any tips would be welcome.
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Mine went earlier this year, I had to flush out the boiler, so turned it all off, then it wouldnt relight. Screwfix do a 'universal' fitting thermocouple, for around £5. It wasnt a direct fit onto mine, but it fitted with a bit of jiggling. Plumbers merchants also sell them, the plumbers I go to has a very similar looking one to the screwfix kit. Alan.
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Thanks Alan I've just been down to B&Q and got a standard thermocouple for =A35.98 so I'm hoping this will be OK if indeed it's the thermocouple that's failed. Were your symptoms the same as mine? Don't want to take the casing off unnecessarily.
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Hi Mine does this every 4 years, I change pilot injector and thermocouple and its fixed. (baxi solo 2 50 rs) Al
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Should produce about 12-25mV when in the flame. If you can (when it's reassembled) feel a slight stickiness in the button when you are trying to release it but not enough to hold the flame on then I'd say with just about 100% certainty that it's the thermocouple.
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Ed Sirett
In order of most likely...
Thermocouple, solenoid winding, gas valve.
Either of the last two would involve replacing the gas valve.
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Harry Bloomfield
On 1 Feb, 18:32, "Harry Bloomfield" wrote:
Bugger! I've fitted the new thermocouple, replaced the casing (which was a fiddly job in itself) but it still won't stay lit when I release the valve. Can't feel any stickiness as Ed suggested so it looks like it must be the solenoid/gas valve, which is a job probably beyond my skills to be on the safe side. So, it might be time to change to a modern condensing boiler. Better check the bank balance tomorrow morning as its probably going to take a dive!
Thanks for the help guys Pete
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I wouldnt assume a new one would save any money. Yes theyre more efficient, but dont last long and need repairs. Just spending energy and money elsewhere.
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Ours went on Christmas Eve. It wasn't the thermocouple.
Luckily Spouse was able to get a new PCB that morning.
Something always goes on Christmas Eve - once it was the food mixer, once the cooker ... one day it will be me.
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Mary Fisher
In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
Make sure that the flame is actually on the thermocouple, and not being diverted away from it by a bit of crud or somesuch.
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Roger Mills
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Just to bring this post to a conclusion for the benefit of others with a similar problem. Called a local Corgi man (Thomsons Local Tel Directory) at 7pm on Fri evening. He came round at 9.00am Sat morning and knowing I'd already changed the thermocouple decided it must be the gas valve. Luckily found one in stock at local plumbers merchants (Honeywell V4600), he went and got it and fitted it by 10.30am. Problem solved and boiler working again, hopefully for another 20+ years. He didn't try to sell me a new boiler as he said the payback is probably not worth it, a conclusion I had come to also. Cost me =A3150 for the valve and labour. Given the time scale, excellent service and his honesty re not needing a new boiler I thought this was well worth it. If anybody needs his contact details (South/Mid Lancashire) let me know.
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