Job Times?

In a previous life I worked in the cleaning industry and we had access to a
booklet called "202 Cleaning Times" published in the USA by the ISSA -
International Sanitary Supply Association.
A wonderful source of information, you could accurately judge the time taken
for any task from cleaning toilets, to scrubbing floors to window cleaning
and get a reliable result.
Is there any such info source in the UK for building maintenance tasks? For
example, changing a toilet siphon, fitting skirting, painting a wall?
I bough an RCIS book last year which allegedly quoted costs for various
building refurbishment tasks, but at their prices I would either be a
millionaire or go skink through lack of business - I suspect the latter.
I'm getting a lot better at estimating two years down the line, but still
scratch my head sometimes.
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The Medway Handyman
That's one I use sometimes to get a ballpark estimate, and it does work surprisingly well.
eg: "How long does it take to change a resistor? Oh, about 30 seconds"
Then after considering ... finding the board ... finding or ordering the new part ... getting to the workshop ... switching the iron on ... removing the previous part ... soldering in the new part ... cleaning and inspecting ... testing ... creating a change request ... updating the parts list ...
Yep, about an hour.
Jon N
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In article , jkn writes:
"Ah, so you could do about 850 in a day?" "What? no way!" "How many can you do in a day?" "About 10..." "So that would be about 45 minutes to change a resistor then?" "I suppose so."
The question "How many can you do in a day?" is generally a much better question than "How long does it take to one".
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Andrew Gabriel
On Jan 11, 11:10 am, (Andrew Gabriel) wrote: [...]
sure - for multiples
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In article , The Medway Handyman writes
Not sure if it's the same thing but this week a Sarah Beeny book comes out which prices most jobs that you can do on a house. Called "Price the job"
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Janet Tweedy
Try googling for -- Building Schedule of Rates --- I did a quick search there were a number of 'hits' that could be of use to you.
Brian G
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Brian G
On 11 Jan,
Spons was the definitive guide at one time, Prolly similar prices to the RCIS one though.
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Sorry, but I wouldn't trust Beanbags to tell me the time if she was standing next to an atomic clock, much less how long it would take to prepare a room 20' x 12' ' 9' for wall paper, or to rub down and coat x3 a six light sash window.
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