IKEA Sink Waste

Has anyone fitted an IKEA sink waste trap successfully?
It comes with a cup under the plughole attached to the bottle trap by
sliding tube arrangement about 300mm long.
The outlet from the trap is a 6mm flexible (but not very) tube like
elephant's trunk. This is connected to the drain by an adapter.
I have fitted this and it it looks awful and all hangs on the screw in
plug hole!
The washing machine hose also hangs off this arrangement.
I would prefer to fit a standard trap under the plug hole. Does
anyone know
if the Screwfix Strainer Waste 85413 will fit the IKEA sinks?
Thanks for your help
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I threw away the IKEA waste and trap and fitted standard parts from B&Q. I don't know about the Screwfix part but if its the right size to fit the hole in the sink I would not expect a problem
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I returned ours for a refund when I saw how much space it occupied. I got a standard basket waste by 'Pyramis' from the local Magnet Trade counter for less than a fiver. Take care to get one with a rectangular overflow fitting if using an Ikea sink with such overflow.
No doubt Ikea will use the returned item for its original purpose which would appear to be that of collecting semen samples from elephants...
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