Ignorance is bliss.... or expensive - help me! IDC cable.

Right then, I need to make a couple of cables with some plugs on, it is IDC
stuff, I went to CPC today and spent £40 on stuff much of which is useless
to me!
1st cable has a 10 way (2x5) connector on one end,
formatting link
the other end is a 15 way D socket (not all pins wired obviously)
I managed to get the 10 way right just need to get some 15 way sockets
instead of plugs but ended up with cable which is too thick, I picked it
from the catalogue, fekk knows what it is I can't find it online, am I
correct in thinking that I need 0.05 inch pitch stuff?
2nd cable has 3 separate plugs (sockets?) on one side, they look very much
like floppy drive power connectors and are 4 way, are these KK? I can't find
a IDC version online.
Any help or input appreciated, in particular advice WRT different cable and
plug types and qualities, it's a minefield out there!
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In article , "R D S" writes:
A picture is worth 1000 words. I have made up strange cables a bit like this for special purposes, but you've given far too little info to go on. What's it for?
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Andrew Gabriel

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