Hotpoint Dishwasher - stops during cycle

I had a problem with a Hotpoint Dishwasher (Model 7810W), which I traced to a leaking drain pump. No problem there: I successfully replaced the drain pump, but in doing so, I have managed to disconnect a wire! I am suspecting that this is responsible for the fact that the dishwasher will not now go through a cycle without stopping several times. By advancing the control knob, it's possible to restart the cycle, and the machine does ultimately end up completing a wash satisfactorily (and without leaking!), but this is clearly a problem...
There were two wires going to the pump, one of which had a plastic shield around the plug (which I'm assuming was probably the live connection); the other wire was a straightforward spade connector, but with TWO wires coming from it. One of these goes into a wiring loom that appears to head into the door: the other wire, which is the one I've managed to pull out from somewhere, is about 10cm long. I can't see anywhere obvious it should have gone to - the nearest likely-looking point is some kind of sensor mounted underneath the bottom of the dishwasher tub, which has two wires going to it, via spade connectors. There's no obvious signs of there having been another wire going into either of those connectors, although one of them looks like a possible.
Does anyone have a wiring diagram, or a working one of these machines, and can tell me where that second wire should go?
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