Grand Designs

I had the box on just now with that GD programme on. Naturally I
wasn't paying any attention. I was quite surprised to see a decent
building at the end of the programme.
That's a one off isn't it?
The programme that followed it discussed building with straw. It
mentioned that you dare not get it wet. Did they mean not even
initially, I wonder, as it occurred to me that laying them on mud
would be a good way to coat them.
Lay a stack of bales on wet mud, turn them over, lay another layer of
mud down and put the next face face down and so on through all six
facets. Wouldn't that be the way to build? You could then just throw
the bales up and with mud mortar, the job's a good-un. No faffing
around with a mower and packing between the bales and all that crap.
I suppose the trick would be setting the baler to get a thin bale.
Maybe getting a press?
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