Good brand of latches?

For internal doors.
I tapped on my son's bedroom door the other day. The door wouldn't
open. Nor when he tried. So I got a screwdriver and took the handle
off. The little square hole in the latch for the drive shaft would go
round and round quite happily. A little lateral thinking later and I
got him to drive the pins out of the hinges, then levered the door
across a bit, gave it a smart tap and the hinges popped off so at least
he could get in and out. But it's kind of worrying that the doors might
decide to sulk like this - especially as the latch on that one is only a
few months old, as the old one wore off.
The reason it failed seems to be a dodgy casting:
formatting link
of bubbles, and IAC IMHO totally the wrong metal - it ought to be
steel or brass, not some zinc-rich things like it seems to be.
The real reason I'm writing this is - can anyone recommend a decent make
so I can replace them as they die with decent ones? They normally
fail gradually, but they still fail to often for my liking.
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Andy Champ
English Racing Automobiles???
Some of the others around the house are tagged "Mafol" - or something like that, the F isn't too clear.
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Andy Champ
IME they aren't desinged to last long under any sort of stress, they need to be a very free fit in the latch plate.
Might be easier to adjust the existing ones before they jam up.
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The Medway Handyman
Let me cut that to the right bit:
"they aren't desinged to last long".
As for adjust... his door rattles, I really ought to tighten it up!
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Andy Champ

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