Beeping Bosch

I've just got a 2nd hand Bosch Maxx WFL2860. It's OK - it washes and the
spin cycled gets things well spun etc.
Trouble is at the end of its cycle it beeps every 30secs for ten minutes
or so to let you know.
I like to run the washer overnight and the beeping is really annoying. I
don't have a manual, nor is one available for download from Bosch.
Anyone any idea of there's a button-press sequence to kill the beeps?
Otherwise I'm going to have to take it apart and bung some blutak in the
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Well, we have a Bosch - different model - which similarly does my head in with its plaintive bleating. The good news is that the manual contains instructions on how to set the beep volume, but the bad news is that it makes no sense to me, and I haven't managed to do it. So it may well be that yours does it too (allegedly).
According to my manual, it's a matter of touching the little button which has an icon like clock hands displaying 3 o'clock, and then turning the main control knob one step to the right, then touching the button again to sequence through the 4 volume settings, then turning the control knob back to 'off'. Maybe worth a try?!
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Must be a different model - this a WFL2860 and doesn't have a button with a clock symbol.
Thanks for trying though. I think it's going to get the blutak treatment.
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I can't help with the Bosch. I've got an LG washing machine, which beeps 7 times when it's finished. For some reason I find this number of beeps disturbing - 7 is both odd and prime. I find myself waiting for one more beep to bring it up to a reassuring even number. Is 7 a lucky number in South Korea or something?
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In my WFLi2440 you set an arbitrary program (don't press Start) and you press the Wash Plus button until the sound is to your liking (including silent :-) ).
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Kostas Kavoussanakis
Good point. I knew there was something bothering me about my original statement. Serves me right for posting shattered after a long day on site.
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In message , Skipweasel writes
I found the instruction manual for your machine in several languages but not English. :(
Go to , launch the QuickFinder, choose Instruction Manuals on the right hand side and search on your model number. I did flick through the French version but couldn't identify anything relevant.
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In article , SimonW@ag&r$vo.f$3o&m says...
That's OK - the hold-button did the trick.
Thanks to everyone who contributed all the prime answers.
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