Gas Cooker connector

My friend wants to remove his gas cooker and thinks the connector is user
removable, but I'm not so sure. The brass fitting has a knurned ring that
might be finger unscrewable, but I can't see any conspicuous bayonet lugs.
A photo of it can be seen here:
formatting link
this fitting user removable?
Thanks for any advice.
Roger R
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Roger R
That looks like a regular bayonet to me. If you push the knurled brass part down and twist about a quater turn anti clockwise, it should just pop off and the fitting will seal itself (if it's working properly, of course...)
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It looks like a micro point bayonet. These should be installed so that the hose hangs down neatly. Not as shown. These work much the same way as regular bayonet connectors.
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Ed Sirett
BTW Ed (or anyone else for that matter) have you come across a connector that's not a micropoint but something like a half-scale model of a standard bayonet? (IIRC). I found one on a job a while back but don't know where they come from.
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John Stumbles
Didn't the 'old' gas cookers have them on the side so you could connect a gas lighter hose to them?
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The ones I remember were unique to the cooker, moving the gas lighter wand to the release position turned on the (rate limited) gas supply and zonked a flint mechanism to light the gas.
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Derek Geldard
Thanks for your reply, I tried it at the weekend and it was exactly as you describe.
No problem with sticking valves or leaks.
Roger R
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Roger R

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