Floor tiling disaster

Tiling our kitchen floor today. Something went wrong somewhere and I
had to rip up about 20 tiles. The rapid set adhesive has left residue
on the floor, we scraped up as much as we could. I can easily clean
the adhesive off the tiles as it hadn't quite set.
How do I go about re-tiling this area? Can I tile straight ontop of
the residue left behind? or do I need to PVA it or something?
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You will need to contact the manufacturer of the adhesive and ask them.
For some types, the manufacturers recommend that PVA is used on certain surfaces before their adhesive and tiles; whereas in other cases, they specifically say not.
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Andy Hall
At the risk of being cavalier, I'd say that if the adhesive can't stick to itself, it isn't really adhesive at all and the bond with the residue on the floor won't be your only problem.
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I'm sure hot water would have been sufficient (had the OP not already cleaned the tiles).
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Stuart Noble

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