Fixing new window sil

Had some new windows in and the old internal sil has gone in 1 room.
I'm going to cut another out of pine but not entirely sure how to fix
it in place. There's a huge slab of stone that forms the external sil
which the internal sil needs to rest on.
But what is the correct way to fix it? Screw & plug and then cover up
the screw heads? or something different?
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In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
I concur with that. Place a few bricks on it to hold it in place until the Gripfill cures.
If the surface *isn't* flat, or isn't at the right level, level it up with some bonding plaster, and let it dry thoroughly before attaching the sill.
To make a job of it, you'll need to chop out some plaster either side of the window aperture, and cut the ears on the new sills so that they go back to the brickwork. Then, finally, re-plaster (or use PolyFilla or similar) round the ears.
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Roger Mills
I've used car body filler in such instances. But it may not take the differential expansion well.
If its to be painted screw and plug is teh way to go, and decorator's caulk or acrylic mastic to seal the cracks.
If its natural wood, then screw and plug with wood..
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The Natural Philosopher

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