epoxy glue

I've a pair of spectacles to repair, the arm has pulled out of the
flexy joint with the frame, leaving a metal tongue on the arm and a
socket on the frame which previously housed a spring of some sort. I
plan to glue it solid and just have the opposite arm for the
I'm thinking of buying some araldite precision adhesive but am not
sure this is the same as the original slow setting but strong araldite
which can be aided in setting with a slight warming via a hair dryer.
Or what may be a better adhesive?
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I just tried that as the simplest option and it didn't work: not enough area. I would have silver soldered it but then I found I could fit a pair of side arms from a scrap pair of specs.
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I'm still waiting for the araldite to set but I'm certain I've fouled the hinge!
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