En-suite sanity check.

OK here is the plan - any comments or suggestions appriciated.
Replacing En-suite bathroom. This so far has entailed ripping out the old bathroom, lifting the chipboard flooring, and replacing with new chipboard. Some boarding around the edge of the room has had to be left, in place, since it comes from the other side of a stud partition wall. This (and the new boards) will be varnished with two coats of polyurethane varnish. In addition, I will be fitteing an "aqualoc" laminate floor (supposedly suitable for bathrooms), with a water proof membrane underneath. The membrane will be run up the wall behind the skirting to minimise the risk of water getting to the chipboard.
Shower tray will be resin cast, on a platform constructed from 2x4 timber and 18mm ply. It will be bedded on cement. Gap between wall and tray will be filled/sealed with expanding foam filler.
I'm going to use "aqua panels" behind the shower - I'm not interested in trying to ensure all the grouting is water proof. These will be fitted to battons on the wall, which will allow the shower water supply to go behind the aqua panels. This has the added advantage that the panels will be further away from the edge of the tray, minimising the possibility of leaks. The panels will be glued in place, excpet for two (mirror) screws at the top to hold in place while the glue dries. There will be a 5mm gap between the bottom of the panel and the shower tray, to fill with silicone sealant.
Shower will be a power shower with built in pump. I will need to run a new gravity fed cold feed for this, but will T-off the existing basin hot water supply, since this will not be used at the same time as the shower. Power for the pump will come from the old (removed) electric shower circuit (Fused pullcord), which will also be used to provide one additional socket on the landing (is there anything in the regs which should stop me doing this - circuit is 32A fused)
Shower will be fitted first, then walls tiled, and floor fitted. (Intention is to get shower base on the most solid floor possible (ie not on top of the laminate) Finally Basin unit and Toilet will be fitted on top of the flooring. All plumbing to have individual isolating ball valves.
Thats about it. Anything I've missed? Am I doing things in the wrong order? Any other suggestions?
Many thanks
Tony Collins

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