Electric main oven (built in Hotpoint DY46X) stopped working

Yesterday I switched on the main oven to warm up for ten minutes, went
upstairs and did some Hoovering. Suddenly, all plug sockets in the
whole house are dead. I inspect the consumer unit and the main RCD
switch is thrown. Popped it back up and all the sockets are back
working. But since then the main oven doesn't get even warm. It's not
working. The *fan* still works, as does the light, and the top
oven/grill is also unaffected.
How much if I get the Hotpoint service agent to fix it? (estimate)
The DY46X is approximately 4 years old.
(A new unit is "only" around £350.)
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Certainly sounds like the lelement and this is uk.d-i-y... :)
New element £21.99 from here:
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, compatible non-Hotpoint version at £7.50
Don't know how much Hotpoint would charge to fit...
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Peter Watson
On Sun, 20 Jan 2008 15:42:33 +0000, Peter Watson wrote:
How much do you think an electrician would charge?
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also, compatible non-Hotpoint version at £7.50
How long is a piece of string?
Generic ovens:-
The job, itself, is straight forward - more mechanical than electrical. The element is normally held in place by 2-3 self-tappers, perhaps behind a fan grill plate (more self tappers). Electrical connection is normally via push-on spade terminals.
A self respecting spark will charge an hours labour for this. It sounds like you're not confident about taking on the task yourself - in which case a spark is the way to go.
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Mike Dodd
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also, compatible non-Hotpoint version at £7.50
No, no, I'm completely confident! I have fitted spurs, three-pin sockets, various other stuff. Mind you, it'd be nice if I could find an exploded parts list on the web, so that I could what's involved before I start. Do I just remove the rear self-cleaning panel that houses the fan? It appears to be attached with self-tapping screws. Is there only the one element? I couldn't get to that website advised by Peter Watson yet. Maybe because it's Sunday they're doing site maintenance.
Would an oven element on the fritz trip the RCD? This new house is very sensitive! Often only a lightbulb blowing will trigger the lighting MCB for the associated storey.
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MM coughed up some electrons that declared:
I would expect it to, if the element is of the usual heater-wire-in-a-metal-tube construction.
If the failure mode is due to/results in the wire forming an electrical path to the element's casing, that's earthed, so the RCD will go.
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Tim Southerwood

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