Drain lids

Where does one buy drain covers, of the 2'x18" sort that cover chambers
where drains meet? I have such a thing in my patio which has rusted
through and needs replacing. I'm not necessarily looking for absolute
top best price (it's not like I need twenty of the things) but I assume
I'd need to go a little further afield than the usual sheds.
Not done any drain stuff before; I assume that replacing a lid is as
simple as it sounds, but any pointers welcome.
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Pete Verdon
B&Q. Seriously, the builders merchants are expensive for drains.
You may have to buy the lid and the surround that it sits in - a sort of metal channel, but whether you want to replace this as well is up to you.
B&Q have them on their website
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Phil L
In article , "Phil L" writes:
IME, you won't find a lid which fits the frame. I had to replace the frame too.
I found a local builders yard much cheaper than the DIY sheds, and with a much larger range.
Initially I got a galvanized pressed steel one (the cover is on a footpath, although this was was rated for cars). The cover went ping-pong when you stood on it. Took it back and got the lightest weight cast iron one (which would take a 7 or 10 ton vehicle IIRC) and only cost a few pounds more. They had everything up to the giant 2-man lift jobs in stock.
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Andrew Gabriel
That doesn't sound good. Dropping on a different lid is one thing, cementing in a new frame is a much bigger job.
I think that is the kind that I have. The house is 1990s, which is why I'm hoping it'll be a standard thing that's still manufactured (though the plot is not new so the cover might just be older than the house). Going "ping-pong" is not *too* much of an issue - at the moment I suspect it's at risk of going "crunch-splash-fuck" :-)
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Pete Verdon

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