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Please can someone - anyone - advise me. A year ago in December 2006 I
signed an initial contract for double glazing windows for my flat from
a VERY large d.g. company. The sales rep. was quite happy to take my
=A31000 deposit. Then an engineer called to take measurements and
confirm the style - which had to fit in with the others in the block.
Everest told me that metal frame PVC windows would be best. HOWEVER I
also showed the two reps. a crack in the inner wall caused by a longer
crack in the outer wall which at the time was thought to be caused by
subsidence &/or a thermal effect (whatever that is). I now understand
that metal frames are the worst to have installed in cases of cracks
in walls. So I have not signed the second contract to agree that metal
framed windows are what I want. NOW the co. is charging me an EXTRA
=A31500 for 'wasted materials.' Since I didn't sign the second contract
there shouldn't be any wasted materials. So the co. is also theatening
bailiffs to collect the extra =A31500. Obviously I am going to challenge
them not only for the return of the deposit but also for wrongly
advising me on the type of windows required knowing full well the
problems with the crack in the wall. They need to be wooden framed.
But what if the bailiffs call round when I am in out or town? Can they
simply break in and take what they want, leaving my flat door with
broken locks etc.? And how do I fight the comnpany? Apparently from
various web sites they can be real b'stards when it comes to bullying
'troublesome' customers. Many thanks - Chris B.
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Get some advice from a local citizens advice. It's a contractual issue, and depends on a few factors, so unless we know all the contract details and all of what went on, then advice could be way out.
Don't worry about bailiffs. Court bailiffs can only be used after a CCJ is obtained and then only if you default on any court order. They may employ 'debt collectors' but these have no power at all - just say "No thanks" and close the door. There is nothing they can do.
State your position to the company and reach a resolution. If they want to take it further, then company will have to pursue a civil claim, and then you will argue against their claim, and counterclaim for your losses.
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You have been appropriately astute in the wording of your dilemma. If it is Everest, I'd kick up a fuss - they would hate adverse PR. Having said that I have used Everest twice, firstly for secondary glazing and then for a d/g front door which has been in place for circa fifteen years without problem. Their secondary glazing was good as well. I had no problem with them at all and guess they will hate bad PR.
Recently had Zenith/ StayBright replace all our windows and soffit/ gutters et al. with excellent service bar two issues - they decided to literally rip out wrought iron brackets which were an original feature of the house (and had our hanging baskets on them) damaging the face of the brickwork (another feature of the house) and their estimator decided for whatever reason that our bathroom window was a brick course deeper than other windows in the house! The fitters ripped out the windows prior to ensuring that the new ones were the right size! Result, the fitters decided, without talking to me, that they should take out a course of bricks below the window to install the oversized one temporarily! Thankfully, they found enough new bricks in the eves later so that the final installation did match the existing brickwork!
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