Door Arcitrave (no room)

changes to staircase position has forced the placement of doors close to
wall edges
Just the door frame is all I have to play with on one side
so, whats the attractive solution with architrave?
Obviously 1 side and the top are fine. I've thought of ripping just 10cm's
if the architrave to give the impression that it sinks into the wall, other
than that, I have no idea.
(quarter round section is not an option its horrible!)
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That's probably the best solution. If you can't match all three sides with an identical smaller moulding, and it sounds like you can't, then it's better to use a section of the same one ripped to the width.
It's one of these things that you will notice now because you are focussed on looking for a solution, but which will tend not to be noticed after a while.
One thing that you can do is to avoid using highly contrasting colours for the woodwork and the surrounding walls when you decorate.
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Andy Hall
If you can insert/nail another piece of door frame over the existing piece that is fixed to the wall you should get it proud off the wall about another 3/4. If you do this measure the opening to make sure its wide enough for all everyday type of furniture to go through?
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I have one like that, which has architrave top and one side only, with just the door casing on the other side: looks fine.
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