Combi Boiler. -Life must be better than this. (Long -Sorry)

Concerning our Worcester Bosch Greenstar HE Plus 35.
We thought that W/B Boilers were a Good German high class product, Vorsprung durch Technik & all that. but ours was fitted by a W/B dealer 7 years ago and has broken down at least once most years.
The repairs have been done by W/B service organisation. In every instance the engineer has shown up and pronounced that it was not installed according to W/B specifications (but we had presumed any regularisation it needed had been done by the W/B engineer the previous year). In every instance a routine service was charged for as part of the repair but must have been completed in 3-5 minutes max.
The last time, (during last winters snow) the engineer did it in zero time flat saying the combustion chamber "did not need doing", putting a junior hacksaw through the condensate drain as he left "En passant".
Currently the boiler has a new fault which causes it to drip from deep within it's Saturn V rocket like guts, and which is difficult to get at because the boiler lives in a cupboard. :-(
All the repairs and associated dis-mantling and re-mantling are playing havoc with the decorative finishes, and SWMBO has indicated that she's had enough and would prefer a simple wall hung boiler (any leaks would be evident) which presumably need not have a heat output of 35 Kw. to heat a modern 4-bed well insulated house, and a seperate provision for (stored ?) hot water.
One difficulty is that the boiler is currently located on the front wall of the house and all sinks and hand wash basins are on the rear wall 23 feet away. There is no access to the roofspace above the utility room where the boiler is currently located.
A solution which avoided long delays before the hot water was available at the taps (Which was especially bad with the W/B boiler, even in Pre-Heat mode), would be most welcome.
Any suggestions? no Saniflo (burn the house) type suggestions IYP.
Derek G
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