Chromed Copper Pipe

I wish to make a shower curtain rail out of 22mm chromed copper pipe,
because the flimsy things you see in the sheds do not match the design I
I see that CCP is rather expensive though, so could anyone suggest an
alternative provided fittings are available as well.
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You can get chromed steel pipes in (IIRC) 19mm and 25mm dia with various end fittings for making up wardrobe clothes rails etc. You can use it for shower rails too but I suggest you apply a lacquer or varnish as it does tend to go a bit rusty if the water gets to the steel.
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John Stumbles
Never use copper for structural works. Thats not its best feature.
It is a great conductor of elecytricity and heat, looks lovely when polished, and many say when covered in verdigris. It lasts longer than steel outdoors..and its malleable and forms well in sheets.
There is a reason the bronze age gave way to the iron age though, and that is that in weapons and tools terms, and structural terms, iron and steel are simply far far better.
So chrome steel pipe is what you want. If you want curves, well I am tempted to say use mild teel pipe heated up and rolled, and get it chromed afterwards
Any decent (old) motorbike enthusiast will tell you where to get steel chromed locally.
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The Natural Philosopher
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Not any more
Since the EU regs came into force a few years ago, it's become too expensive for a lot of platers to meet the anti pollution regs
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